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Large Scale Chains

Product Image (BD Flow)

{"Flow Conveyor Chain","Flow Conveyor Chain"}

Transports materials within an enclosed or semi closed case. Retains materials and prevents pollution. Suitable for cement and food transport

Product Image (05)

{"Plant Bucket Conveyor Chain","Plant Bucket Conveyor Chain"}

Pintle chain made from extra-strength steel. Bush and link are pressed, ensuring precision and durability. Used primarily on construction sites to transport sand, gravel, and mud etc.

Product Image (BD-Type)

{"High Speed Bucket Elevator Chain","High Speed Bucket Elevator Chain"}

Developed to quickly transport powders. An excellent fatigue-resistant, impact-resistant, and abrasion-resistant chain. Higher operating capacity per hour

Product Image (BBF Flow )

{"Flow Conveyor Chain","Flow Conveyor Chain"}

Made by welding the forged link block and the attachment(s) together. Used in flow conveyors to transport high-temperature and/or highly-abrasive substances

Product Image (BDF-Type)

{"Block Chain","Block Chain"}

by connecting link plates and one or two inner links by pins Excellent structural rigidity; toughness is greater than the chain tension weight. Since key parts feature quenched steel, abrasion and heat resistance are excellent.

Product Image (BD- Type)

{"Bucket Elevator Chain","Bucket Elevator Chain"}

l Buckets are attached to vertically transport various materials. Excellent chain with impact-resistance, wear-resistance, high-strength, and durability.

Product Image (BB_Type)

{"High Speed Bucket Elevator Chain","High Speed Bucket Elevator Chain"}

Used for high-speed bucket conveyor to transport powders. Increased wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and impact resistance coupled with a higher operating capacity per hour, make this an excellent conveyor chain

Product Image (BO Flow)

Flow Conveyor Chain

The link plate is made from two sheets of steel. Bush is pressed at the point of movement between the link plate and the pin to increase abrasion resistance. Clients can choose between general specifications, and the stronger, anti-abrasive specifications when selecting material. Designated for use with flow conveyors when transporting highly abrasive substances

Product Image (BCF Flow)

{"Flow Conveyor Chain","Flow Conveyor Chain"}

Suitable for transporting highly abrasive substances. Inner links are forged or stamped and outer link plates are fused together. Attachments are designed in many forms to suit the various types of material to be transported

Product Image (04)

{"Slat Conveyor Chain","Slat Conveyor Chain"}

Holes are drilled to the bent attachment for easy mounting of slat, apron, and other special attachments. Possible to be paired with various slats and aprons depending on the work environment and chain selection.

Product Image (BO Type)

{"Heavy Duty Roller Chains","Heavy Duty Roller Chains"}

Each part of these chains is made from alloyed steel and has been heat-treated, insuring excellent wear resistance, shock resistance and fatigue resistance. Because these chains are subjected to heavy-impact, they are used primarily in heavy driving equipment and drawing machines.

Product Image (03)

{"Apron Conveyor Chain","Apron Conveyor Chain"}

hinge plate type chain is used in apron conveyors to transfer granulated particles of machining tools. This Even the smallest of granulated dust particles can be safely and effectively transported because it uses the offset type side attachment. Since specifications can be modified depending on the application, please contact our engineering department for accurate advice.


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