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{"Slaughter house Conveyor Chains","Slaughter house Conveyor Chains"}

Chains for slaughterhouses are equipped with similar functions to that of a trolley conveyor chain, and have similar properties such as galvanized steel for corrosion. Modern slaughterhouses have a need for down, left and right rotation of their chains.

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{"Sterilizer Conveyor Chains","Sterilizer Conveyor Chains"}

Manufactured using 13Cr chrome stainless steel, these are excellent abrasion and corrosion-resistant chains. Commonly used in the disinfection and sterilization processes of beer and soft drink bottling plants

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{"Escalator Chains","Escalator Chains"}

Parking Structure: Chains can be custom designed to match the specific dimensions of the parking structure so please contact us. Escalator Chains: Precise machine production is especially paramount when chains are going to be transporting people, such as in department store escalators, malls, subway stations etc.

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{"Palm Oil Conveyor Chain","Palm Oil Conveyor Chain"}

These chains must possess especially strong anti-abrasion and anti-corrosive properties to be used not only in palm oil production, but also for bio-diesel, vegetable oil, raw materials for cosmetics, and other abrasive materials. The main advantage of these chains for the palm oil industry is that they are lightweight so replacement of the chains is easy. Chains can be especially designed to match whichever conditions to maximize productivity.

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{"Powder Conveyor Chains","Powder Conveyor Chains"}

These chains are used in rice processing, milling, automated conveyor system of sugar production, and transferring substances within a case in order to prevent loss. Special attachments are designed and used for all of the aforementioned materials as well as residues.

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{"Incineration Plant Conveyor Chains","Incineration Plant Conveyor Chains"}

Used to automate the processes of various waste disposal and waste incineration plants, such as the sorting of waste, cleaning, burning, ash etc. Tailor-made to suit various working conditions

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{"Cement Industry Conveyor Chains","Cement Industry Conveyor Chains"}

The chain conveyor systems used to automate the cement industry are specific to the characteristics and operating conditions of each process In particular, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance are improved to withstand high speed operation and the corrosive nature of the transported materials.

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{"Automotive Plant Line Conveyor Chains","Automotive Plant Line Conveyor Chains"}

Mainly used in car painting and general assembly lines and equipped with excellent impact, corrosion and abrasion resistance. A variety of attachments and treatments are available depending on the application.

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{"Automotive Assembly Line Conveyor Chains","Automotive Assembly Line Conveyor Chains"}

Typically, two or more rows of slat are attached to the conveyor chain. These conveyor chains are used mainly to transport the body of the car, for car assembly, test lines, showers, etc. Two types of rollers are available; center mounted (F-roller) type, and side rollers. Water-resistant coating and special material selection are possible in accordance with the working environments. In particular, by mounting bearings to the F- roller, or by selecting special plastic, the surging phenomenon can be prevented, and noise and the overall weight are reduced.


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