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Special Use Chains

Product Image (BD SP MIPOX)

{"MIPOX Chains","MIPOX Chains"}

Designed mainly for use in steel mills and/or power plant facilities to be used in conjunction with apronTypes. Mipox treatment at the surface is used to prevent abrasion, corrosion, and excessive deformation. Through improvements in the abrasion and corrosion resistance and overall strength of our products, we have made comprehensive advancements in both the domestic and international markets.

Product Image (BC)

{"Trolley Conveyor Chains","Trolley Conveyor Chains"}

Because these chains are lightweight and can bend to suit transporting conditions, they are often used in automotive production lines and are installed in otherwise unused spaces such as the rafters. Can be efficiently installed in empty spaces for assembly and/or disassembly

Product Image (BC)

{"Crescent Chains","Crescent Chains"}

Slat bend/crescent chains are used for food industries,chemicals, etc. and are widely used for the filling,cleaning,and sterilization processes in canned foods and bottle production.

Product Image (Multi Joint Chain)

{"Curve Chains","Curve Chains"}

Depending on the intended use, straight, curving, or right/left flexion of the chains may be necessary; curved chains are most suitable in such circumstances. Usually, up/down movements of the chain are expected, but right/left flexion is not. However, when lateral movement of the chains is necessary, multi-joint chains are suitable. Used when the distance between the pin link and bush link reaches the limit (by calculating the R radius).

Product Image (BC)

{"Top Roller Chain","Top Roller Chain"}

Used when the chain is running automatically but uses a stopper (to stop the material), or when the chain and the transported materials are stopped simultaneously. Also used when there is impact from the transferred material exiting the system

Product Image (BC)

{"Large Scrap Conveyor Chain","Large Scrap Conveyor Chain"}

Used with slat conveyors Link plate, pin, and rollers are made from alloy steel, and bushes can be made from 400-series stainless steel upon request.The improvement of our heat treatment process has produced much higher anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive properties.Roller types are R & F, and attachments are A & K types.

Product Image (BC)

{"Continuous Handling Conveyor Chains","Continuous Handling Conveyor Chains"}

This chain primarily consists of 1 or 2 lines and uses bucket attachments to convey iron ore, coal, limestone, raw materials, grain, etc These chains are made with extra anti-abrasion and anti-corrosive properties to withstand the harsh acerbic properties of sea water and high-speed, continuous operation.

Product Image (BC)

{"Side Roller Chain","Side Roller Chain"}

roller (found in the center of the chain) is the sole driving for Side rollers are used when special attachments are needed or when the S roller isn’t sufficient to withstand the weight of the chain lUses longer pins to attach side rollers Side rollers assist S roller in guiding and balance When there is concern for line surging, use a bearing for the side roller or press a ball-bearing to the Rollers

Product Image (BC)

{"Heavy Load Conveyor Chains","Heavy Load Conveyor Chains"}

Suitable for the transport of initial products of steel plants (cold coil, hot coil, slabs, etc.), containers, and construction materials etc. and is a large, heavy-duty chain.

Product Image (BC)

{"Bearing Roller Chain","Bearing Roller Chain"}

Prevents the drive loss of the chain by reducing the rotational friction of the roller, and is used when the line is long to prevent the surging phenomenon. Please contact us to determine bearing/chain specifications depending on working environment.

Product Image (BC)

{"Bar Attachment Conveyor Chain","Bar Attachment Conveyor Chain"}

Hollowed-Pin Series Hollowed-pin bush roller chain. Bars go through each pin hole, therefore net/hinge types are well suited with apron and bucket attachments. Uses an. extra hole for special attachments Removal is made simple ▶ Solid-Pin SeriesThese chains use the solid version of the pins used in the hollowed-pin series.

Product Image (BDD-Type)

{"Direct Transport Chain","Direct Transport Chain"}

This chain allows materials to be transported directly on the chain itself. Example uses include automobile assembly lines and steel factory plates and sections. When the line is extra long, pressed ball-bearings are used on the rollers.


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